The Royal Family Spoof Instagram Account You Need To Follow Right Now

Between the birth of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge’s third child, and the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Windsors have been a hot topic this year! Whether you’re a fully-fledged supporter of the British monarchy or you think they are an out-dated waste of taxpayers’ money, American writer and producer Gary Janetti’s Instagram account will give you something to throw into the conversation when either of the two events comes up at the water cooler.

Clearly a fan of Prince George, Wills & Kate’s firstborn son, his fabulous resting bitch face and flamboyant gestures, the producer has us breaking out in evil cackles with his snarky Photoshop edits of the sassy four-year-old – which mostly focus on the aristocratic little one trolling his soon-to-be-aunt Meghan. And, having written and co-produced the eye-wateringly politically incorrect cartoon series Family Guy, you can bet Gary takes no prisoners!

Disapproving of the Suits actress marrying into the royal family, the fictitious Instagram version of Prince George hilariously takes aim at her TV back catalogue, wardrobe and romantic past – not unlike cynical baby Stewie’s musings on Janetti’s hit show. But it’s not just Meghan who is in the firing line: Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, George’s younger sister Princess Charlotte and, of course, new-born royal baby Louis Arthur Charles all get a ribbing.

Even Kate Middleton (are we still allowed to call her that?) isn’t save from the little Prince’s style observations. Do yourself a favour and follow @garyjanetti, because while the Prince George spoof account might be harsh, it’s also funny af.

Credit: All images via @garyjanetti.

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