Eight Celebrities Who Looked A Little Unsure About Their Met Ball Outfits

Pulling off the most avant-garde of couture creations must be hard. And certainly we have never worn anything like the extravagant designs that graced the 2017 Met Ball’s illustrious red carpet. But the overwhelming feeling we got when looking at photos from this year’s instalment of the annual gala was that some of the A-Listers in attendance looked incredibly unsure about their outfits for the night.

Of course, when entrusted to the hands of the world’s most celebrated designers, it’s probably hard to say ‘I don’t like it’ and risk being blacklisted from their list of favoured clientele forever. And certainly, the structure of these complex confections can’t be compared to our usual favoured louche combo of t-shirt and jeans.

Maybe they were photographed during an unfortunate ‘off’ moment. Maybe they badly needed a toilet break? But to us, these red carpet pictures of Clare Danes, Solange Knowles, Lily Collins, Rose Byrne and even the fashion-forward Pharrell Williams (is he feeling second-hand doubt about wife Helen’s look?) are looking a tad on the unsure side in their couture finery. Oh well, there’s always next year to find something more comfy!

Credit: All images via DailyMail.co.uk

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