Fashion’s first award-winning Instagram account

We all like to think of our Instagram accounts as interesting and stylish, but now there is one social media whizz who can call his profile ‘award-winning’.

From this week, Patrick Janelle officially operates fashion’s most popular Instagram picture stream. The self-proclaimed ‘man about town’ from New York was honoured with the first ever social media accolade at the annual CFDA awards thanks to his mix of fashion, food and event photography.

From his well-dressed friends to culinary highlights and beautiful landscapes and florals, it’s easy to see why @aguynamedpatrick won over the jury. We would have given him the price for the shot of himself riding an inflatable swan alone.

Talking about his Instagram strategy, Patrick told Elle magazine, “First and foremost, it’s definitely about having this real-time chronological story that I’m telling. It’s really important to me when I’m taking a photo that I post it within a reasonable amount of time. If I’m having coffee with somebody, that image will be posted in the morning. (…)

“In terms of strategy, I want an image that I think is beautiful and captivating and that people will respond to aesthetically and visually. I also want to provide that image with context so that people understand why I chose that picture and how it fits into my life and what are the events surrounding the moment that I took that photo. (…)”

So, what is this award-winning Instagrammers favourite filter?

“Well, I don’t use Instagram filters because I edit them. The editing happens before I even bring the image into Instagram,” he explained. “I use Snapseed, VSCO Cam, and After Light. Those apps have filters and more specific editing tools. VSCO Cam is the one app that I would actually use a filter to a small degree, but then I always edit the light and contrast and brightness and coloring and everything in a variety of ways through those various apps.

“It’s a little process. Anybody that wants a pretty simple solution and doesn’t want to really get into too much of the nitty gritty, I would say VSCO Cam is the best because their filters are really good so that’s a really good place to start.”

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