Get ‘lean in 15’ with The Bodycoach

The Bodycoach Joe Wicks

The Bodycoach Joe Wicks

Here at Tribe, we love healthy eating but admittedly sometimes struggle to find the motivation to take on elaborate recipes.

So we would like to introduce you to The Bodycoach Joe Wicks’ no nonsense Instagram ‘cookery school’, where he proves that knocking up a nourishing dish doesn’t have to be a long and painful process.

His 15 second videos guide you step by step to a balanced, fat-busting meal – oh, and they’re pretty funny too!

Joe Wicks' recipes

Worth getting out of bed for on a Sunday

From weekend brunch pancakes to ‘sexy sea bass’, here are just a few reasons why we love the nutrition expert’s concoctions:

1. All recipes are no fuss, hassle free dishes you can put together during even the busiest of weeks with a minimum of ingredients

2. Joe regularly uses Nando’s seasoning, making healthy eating even more awesome

3. We crack up every time he throws a container of food in the microwave/oven/around the kitchen.

So check out The Bodycoach on Instagram and get ‘lean in 15’ with Joe!

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Credit: All images via The Bodycoach’s Facebook page

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