Ikea to launch furniture with inbuilt wireless phone chargers


Never worry about finding your phone charger again…












Ikea has brought us many amazing home solutions over the years – and don’t get us started on the meatballs – but this could be the Swedish furniture giant’s biggest scoop yet!

It was announced today that the interiors company is to launch a range of lamps, bedside tables and desks with inbuilt charging points for mobile phones and other electronic devices.


Charge your gadgets without the cable mess!













Qi wireless technology will power-up gadgets that are placed on the incorporated hotspots or nearby, ending the hassle of moving your chargers between rooms or having unsightly cables sticking out.

“Through research and home visits, we know that people hate cable mess. They worry about not finding the charger and running out of power. Our new innovative solutions, which integrate wireless charging into home furnishings, will make life at home simpler,” Jeanette Skjelmose, Ikea’s lighting and wireless charging business area manager, said.


Ikea’s Homespot range will include lamps, bedside tables and desks.
















The Homespot range will launch in Europe and North America next month, with compatible phone models including the Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus and Sharp Aquos.

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