Indian Summer Sundaze

So bright, so blue...

So bright, so blue…

If you’d ask me what my favourite season is, as an island life loving sun worshipper my answer might come as a surprise. Because it’s not actually, technically, summer. In England, at least.

No, it’s that glorious stretch of time between the beginning of September and somewhere near the end of October when the Great British Summer finally gives up trying to be something that it’s not and the cooler, crisp autumn air rolls in, bringing with it… sunshine!


Serious about the sun.

It’s the so called Indian Summer I love, when we actually end up with much nicer weather than in June, blah, July, blah, blah and August.

At an undisclosed location near my work, there is a rather fetching rooftop we sneak onto when time allows to soak up some rays – and shoot some of our street style features.


Rooftop sunshine vibes.

On a casual Friday a little while ago, we got blessed with some lovely bright blue skies and seemingly endless sunshine and decided to snap a few pics.

Not a lot of thought went into this outfit, admittedly, it was more a case of throwing some of my favourite bits together while rushing out the door that morning.


Pink hair, don’t care.


Layers, layers, layers…


Adidas Gazelles bae.

It’s a fairly casual gig, but I quite like it. I’ve had the leather jacket for absolute ages, a great little Topshop find that has served me well over the years and wasn’t actually too expensive considering its quality.

The denim shirt I picked up in New York, and the trainers… Well, it’s fair to say I live in them. It’s hard to remember a time when I wore heels on a regular basis, really.

I’m wearing:

Ray-Ban sunglasses
Topshop leather jacket
Madewell denim shirt
Topshop vest top
Zara trousers
Adidas Gazelle trainers

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