Kate Moss Helps To Launch Sweary Anti-Flash T-Shirt


Don’t hold back now.

Despite the fact that she apparently has a secret Instagram account, Kate Moss doesn’t strike us as the type who loves endless selfies on her (amazing) nights out with friends. So it doesn’t really surprise us that she is supporting fashion photographer and web publisher Nick Knight’s new range of ‘anti-flash’ t-shirts which tell snap happy pals – or paps – where to stick their lens.

The SHOWstudio founder has launched a line of tops that look like a classic black or white tee on first sight, but when reflecting the intrusive glare of a flash reveal a clear message to pesky shutterbugs. Namely, ‘Fuck You Cunt’.

The letters only appear when illuminated by the aforementioned bright light and the slogan tops sell for 90 Euros on his website – and quite frankly, who knows how much the £££ is worth right now anyway. And while sadly we haven’t met Kate Moss, we can imagine her having a bit of a potty mouth. If it’s good enough for Mossy…

Source: FashionJournal.com.au


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