Netflix And Work: Streaming Service Posts Amazing Job Opportunity

Netflix and Work. A new concept, but a good one!

Netflix and Work. A new concept, but a good one!

If you’re into Netflix (like, duh) and Instagram (like, double-duh), the universe may have just created your dream job!

The online streaming service is currently looking for so called ‘Grammasters’ who will get paid to travel the world to visit popular film sets and post images to the company’s official account. This apparently includes Netflix Originals series like Orange Is The New Black.

Wait, it gets even better. The lucky chosen ones will be paid $2,000 per week for the privilege, while Netflix sorts out all travel arrangements.

We can imagine you are already typing up a cover letter at this point, so here’s how to apply (and you don’t actually have to send a CV):

  1. Follow @Netflix on Instagram
  2. Pick your top three images that reflect your passions and interests
  3. Hashtag them with #grammasters3 by March 6, 2016

And that’s it. Good luck and make sure you tag us in your amazing travel pictures if you do get the job!

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