New illustrations show the shocking calorie content in Starbucks drinks

It’s not exactly news that some of our favourite drinks are laden with ‘hidden’ sugar and fat – especially the take-out coffee kind!

However, despite the nutritional information being readily available, it can be difficult to visualise just how many extra calories your afternoon pick-me-up contains.

Now a new infographics series by Japanese blogger Ryoko Iwata literally paints the picture for you – and it’s not a pretty one.

Comparing the nutritional contents of several Starbucks beverages to those of typical junk food dishes, the Seattle-based illustrator’s images show how quickly your morning coffee habit can turn into a “liquid dessert”.

Ryoko explains on her blog I Love Coffee, “The comparison shows viewers that Starbucks coffee drinks can be just as bad for you as the junk food you try not to eat. For how successful Starbucks is I find it shocking that some of their drinks have so many calories.

“The point is if you’re counting calories be careful what you order. It’s easy to transform your morning coffee into liquid dessert.”

The 34-year-old explained she chose Starbucks as an example because she actually frequents the chain herself and drinks the brand’s Green Tea Latte “all the time”.

She reveals, “I had no idea it was so calorie-dense. When you see green tea you instantly assume it’s healthy.”

The coffee lover concludes that a humble black ‘joe’ might be your best option if you’re trying to control your calorie intake, explaining, “Coffee can be a healthy, low-calorie beverage if you drink it right, or it can be a cup of melted ice cream if you choose to saturate it with sugar, milk, and other toppings.”

If you liked Ryoko’s clever diagrams, you can buy her a cup of coffee here!

Source: All images via I Love Coffee

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