Object of desire: The City60 mini Aga

Aga's City60 cooker
Aga's City60 cooker

Aga has launched a sleek mini version of the country classic

The classic Aga oven is a cherished kitchen icon many cookery fiends lust after; albeit not one that fits easily into the average living space – or budget – of a young professional.

But now the company have trimmed the original model down by half in both size and price to attract a brand new customer group. At just 60cm wide and powered by electrics rather than the traditional oil fuel, the City60 is a perfect match for modern urban dwellers.

Available in a slimmed down contemporary version or a model that has retained more of the original chunky features, it features two cooking drawers and a single, hood-covered hob on the top.

Aga's City60 cooker

The City60 comes in a range of stylish pastel colours

Like the classic Aga ovens, the City60 can be left on all day in order to heat a room. But the modern cooking and roasting appliance can be controlled by a smartphone and comes in a range of 14 stylish colours, including on-trend pastel shades.

Priced at £4,995, it’s a pricey kitchen helper – but a delicious one!

Credit: All images via AgaLiving.com



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