Object of desire: The Pansy Chair

The pansy chair by Joy de Rohan Chabot

The pansy chair by Joy de Rohan Chabot

You know the feeling when you see something that is completely over the top, a little bit wacky… and you inexplicably fall in love with it?

That is how we feel about the pansy chair – or ‘chaise pensée‘ – by Joy de Rohan Chabot.

It’s whimsical, flamboyant and reminds us of Alice in Wonderland for some reason… and we want it!

Inspired by nature and decorative arts, Joy also features a selection of other gorgeous creations including mirrors, tables and paravents on her website at www.joyderohanchabot.com.

We’ll keep fantasising about owning the fabulous pansy chair for now…

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Source: JoyDeRohanChabot.com

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