Sophia Webster launches shoes for ‘cool brides’

How happy are we that we haven’t walked down the aisle yet?

Shoe designer extraordinaire Sophia Webster, whose quirky creations we have long had a love affair with, is launching a bridal shoe range for ‘cool brides’ which has been inspired by seven of her most popular styles.

There are also two clutch bags, bearing the slogans ‘Happily Ever After’ and ‘The Boy Is Mine’. We are especially enamoured with the ‘Wifey For Lifey’ cartoon slogan and strappy Lacey sandals.

The footwear genius told The Independent, “When I first decided to do bridal shoes I was not yet married so thinking about what I would wear for my wedding was a great starting point. As the collection was being brought to life I imagined all sorts of women slipping into the shoes and feeling like queens for that special day.

“With that in mind I wanted to use really feminine touches like satin uppers, crystal heels and gem stones, all in delicate tones that would work with classic dresses but add a little flourish.”

Available now at and with prices ranging from £360 up to £575.


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