Toni Garrn shares her style and fitness secrets



She’s walked the runway for the likes of Prada, Gucci, Chanel and Dior – and regularly flaunts her figure in Victoria’s Secret’s finest. And since May 2013, German model Toni Garrn is also making headlines as Leonardo DiCaprio’s current squeeze.

Recently, the 21-year-old from Hamburg shared her style and fitness tips with the German edition of Glamour magazine.

Discussing her laid-back model look, she said, “Seriously, I own about 30 pairs of tracksuit bottoms. Generally, I like classic colours but I combine them with bold sunglasses, bags and shoes.”

While it’s easy to assume that lingerie model Toni’s underwear drawer is jam-packed with colourful silk and delicate lace confections, the blonde beauty shattered our illusions.

“You would think so, but it’s not true. Models wear the most unflattering flesh-coloured underwear you can imagine – it’s almost like our uniform. You’re not supposed to see it. In my personal life, I keep it similarly basic,” she laughed, adding, ”I never wear jewellery at work because I have lost or left it at a shoot too many times. Off duty, I like delicate gold jewellery like the pieces by Jennifer Meyer Maguire  – Tobey Maguire’s wife.”

The statuesque clothes horse also revealed how she stays fit and toned.

“I like running, but when I run in the city I’m often knackered after just ten minutes. It’s easier on the treadmill – I can keep going for an hour. My iPad keeps me entertained and I do boxing movements or change the speed and incline.

“When I’m in New York, I go to Pilates classes at Equinox. I find spinning classes like Soulcycle – or any class where you sit on a machine and get shouted at by the instructor – unnatural. I prefer to go dancing when I want to move more.”

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