Trend watch: Purple hair

Purple hair is having a real moment right now, with former The Hills star Lauren Conrad seemingly joining the ever-growing league of celebrities dying their locks a pastel violet.

But while LC’s colour change turned out to be an April Fool’s prank, there are plenty of famous faces who have tried out the look for real. Rock offspring Kelly Osbourne was first to go purple, soon followed by the likes of Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards, fashion icon Nicole Ritchie and model Ireland Baldwin.

With pastel hair appearing on several catwalks and festival season just around the corner – which is basically a license to go a bit crazy with your hair and make-up – we have to ask: Would you do purple?

In case you are tempted, Charles Worthington colour expert Marc Trinder has told the beauty mavens at GraziaDaily which tones are best suited to different skin types.

Commenting on Lauren Conrad’s all-over purple, he said, “This kind of colour looks best on naturally lighter bases.”

For black hair, the hair guru recommended, “A bright purple hair chalk like L’Oreal’s Hair Chalk in First Date Violet, £15 looks amazing against darker, black hair. A real stand-out look!”

So if you thought pastel hues were only for light-haired ladies, think again! Click through our gallery to see how brunettes can adapt the trend with richer, darker shades of purple.

Source: Images via, and Glamour magazine


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