Vogue creative director Grace Coddington on decorative cats and being a hoarder

World renowned fashion icon Grace Coddington has given The Wall Street Journal a rare glimpse into the New York apartment she shares with partner Didier Malige.

Describing herself as a “hoarder”, the Vogue creative director’s distinctive taste has resulted in a collection of cat souvenirs, English ceramics and stunning photographic prints lining the walls.

“Years ago at Condé Nast in London, they used to print everything upstairs on the top floor. When they sold it, they just threw everything out, and you’d go and find these incredible prints in the garbage. I got a couple of Beatons. That was good,” Grace told the American publication. “But when I met Bruce [Weber], I got totally hooked by him. Photographs became something I no longer just did for work. His whole lifestyle infected me.”

Cuddling her feline friend Bart, the 73-year-old sartorial icon also revealed she has been collection cat cushions since the 1980s, with two of her favourites being gifted to her by Louis Vuitton’s Nicolas Ghesquière.

Speaking of soft furnishings, we couldn’t help but notice that Grace’s Chelsea apartment is also decked out with the most enviable Chanel bedding and plenty of Vuitton throws.

Jealous, us?

Source: The Wall Street Journal, photography by Arthur Elgort for WSJ. Magazine


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