Super Disco Club Turn Up The Volume On The Disco House Renaissance

Super Disco Club

They’re bold, they’re glam, they’re fabulous… and they know how to drop a killer beat! 

A collaboration between renowned Australian DJ and producer Andy Van and his wife, vocalist and songwriter Cassie Van, Super Disco Club [short: SDC] is the outrageous, fun, and uplifting new house music project we need in our lives!

Andy and Cassie are no strangers to working together. The electronic music power couple met while touring with Noughties sensation Madison Avenue – we betcha you’ve shaken your booty to cult anthem “Don’t Call Me Baby” more than once –  and know exactly how to get a crowd going!

Over the past year, Super Disco Club has helped us to keep up our spirits while riding the lockdown rollercoaster thanks to their infectious live streams and uplifting social media presence. And with a silver lining shimmering on the horizon, Cassie and Andy are ready to help us dance out of isolation with a slew of sizzling new material!

We caught up with the dancefloor dream team to grill them on all things SDC, and groove into summer to their irresistible beat!

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat to us! We can’t stop boogying around the living room to your track ‘We Are One’, what was the inspiration behind it?

Thank you so much! We wanted to channel feel-good house music and disco vibes. The lyrics are all about feeling liberated and at one with everyone on the dance floor.

Speaking of liberation… With many countries easing out of lockdown, what are you most excited about for the rest of 2021?

Travelling again and releasing music!

We love the name Super Disco Club and your bold aesthetic. As one of the champions of the current disco house renaissance, are you worried about getting ‘typecast’ in this niche?  

No, we are not concerned about that at all. We love being in the disco house lane so we hope that people will like our music for as long as possible. 

You’re a real power couple; married, raising a family and successfully creating together. How did you meet and how has your relationship evolved?

That’s very kind of you to say. Cassie was a dancer for Madison Avenue, so we toured a lot together. We have also done a lot of home renovations together, which has been fun. And of course our greatest collaboration, our two young children.

You’ve previously both been involved in pivotal records and projects. Can you share some of your stand-out memories?

Being involved in creating Madison Avenue and the success of our single “Don’t Call Me Baby” was definitely a major moment. At that time I went through thousands of disco tracks for great samples, I still have all of those ideas and some of them are making their way into SDC demos as we speak!

Andy, you have truly played a part in shaping electronic music history…

I’m fortunate that I’ve had a lot of great moments in my business and music production life. From forming Vicious Vinyl in 1992 to Madison Avenue’s success in the year 2000 to signing AVICII in 2008.

Cassie, what about you?

I’ve been on stage since I was four years old. It’s one of the places I am most comfortable. I love to make people happy and performing is a huge element of that for me!

How did you hone the SDC sound?

Andy has been producing Disco House for many, many years – especially during his Madison Avenue days. We both love this genre and just started writing tracks together a few years ago to see what we came up with…

Often described as a feeling, what does house music mean to you?

I love the energy, the driving bass & the pumping kick. It just makes me feel great.

We love the infectious energy you both bring to Super Disco Club. What is the mission behind your music?

We just want the listeners to get up, dance, and have an amazing time! Times are tough at the moment and we want people to feel like they can forget all their troubles when they dance to our songs. The main thing we want to be felt and heard in our music is the positive vibes & energy.

Name an essential piece of studio kit that is key to creating the Super Disco Club sound?

My laptop with 20+ years of loops, samples, track ideas and stems! 1000 percent! 

If music is the answer, disco is…

EVERYTHING! We love everything about disco.

Playing on the disco theme, if Cassie is considered the ‘Dancing Queen’ who would Andy be – and why?

He’d be the ‘Funk Man’ because he actually had a ‘Funk’ number plate once. Ha ha!

Tell us five exciting disco and house tracks, new or vintage, that you both love!

Donna Summer – I Feel Love

Modjo – Lady

Moloko – Sing It Back

Sylvester – Do You Wanna Funk

Daft Punk – One More Time

You’re giving us excellent content across both TikTok and Instagram! What can new followers expect when they hit the ‘follow’ button?

We love to be creative! We feel weird if we’re not creating something every day. Our styling is themed around the late ‘70s to the early ‘80s disco era of glitter, mirrorballs and neon lights! 

Name three iconic movies from that era that shaped you?

Flashdance, Dirty Dancing and Staying Alive.

Turn up the volume or tone down the fashion? You decide…

Turn up the volume to 11!

Instagram vs. reality! Is your daily routine as glamorous as it looks on your socials?

As parents of two small kids, it’s not always glamorous, ha ha, but it’s definitely always fun! We have our studio at home so we spend a lot of our day there, or filming live DJ sets.

Super Disco Club Andy Van and Cassie Van

Scary thought, but if the house was burning down what two things would you save?

The laptop and the ghettoblaster – after all humans and animals, of course. 

As we are based on Ibiza, we have to ask how the Aussie house music scene compares – and if we can expect to welcome SDC on our shores any time soon?

The way young people in Australia have a great time partying and clubbing is very similar to Ibiza. And based on the reactions from European DJs and clubbers to our debut single, I think we are making the right sounds!

Ibiza is a very special place, how would you describe its attraction to the uninitiated?

It’s not only a beautiful island, but a place where all your party dreams come true!

What would your ideal SDC holiday here look like?

Definitely a mixture of relaxing on the beach and great club shows at night.

Where on the island would you most like to play and what would be on your rider?

The home of the twin cherries, Pacha, the iconic Pikes hotel, and Hï Ibiza. Champagne for Cassie, and, as I don’t drink, Red Bull for me.

What’s next for Super Disco Club?

We have a lot of songs and bootlegs that we made during the 2020 lockdowns, as well as some new remixes. We also have a great Spotify playlist for your dancing pleasure that we will keep updating – watch our Tiktok for updates on all our releases!

To find out more about all things Super Disco Club click here or give Andy and Cassie a follow on Instagram and TikTok!

Super Disco Club
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