Tribe Loves: Raden’s Self-Weighing, Phone-Charging Suitcases

The luggage equivalent of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Yes, you read that right. The geniuses at US luggage brand Raden have invented a range of suitcases that not only weigh themselves, but can also charge your phone in transit.

Two of the single-most annoying things when travelling, namely running out of battery and paying astronomical prices for your ‘over the airline allowance’ holiday wardrobe have been eliminated in one fell swoop.

No more fiddling with bathroom scales at home to decide if you can fit an extra pair of shoes into your case,  based on a reading that is likely inaccurate anyway! No more sweating it as you see the red bar on your battery display get thinner and thinner before you have even boarded the plane! And – get this – the cases offer a full FOUR phone charges and even boast two USB points so you can connect two devices at a time.

We are in love...
We are in love…

But that’s not all, oh no. Starting at $295, there are several other important reasons to love the A-Class range, which comes in a 22-inch carry-on and 28-inch check-in model.

  1. They feature in-built GPS to track your bag’s location should it get lost or stolen.
  2. They connect to an app which offers alerts on traffic, weather conditions and airport times.
  3. All cases are crafted to a high quality standard and have an in-built lock and waterproof sealing.
  4. Oh, and they come in a range of seriously cool colours ranging from minimalist white and matte black to pastel pink, purple and blue… and more.

The only downside? Raden is currently only available in the US – they have a shop on 72 Spring Street in NYC –  and Canada, but we are expecting this travel phenomenon to take the world by storm very soon!

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