Olivia Palermo’s emergency fashion fixes

Olivia Palermo
Olivia Palermo poses for The Edit

With designers falling over themselves to dress her and enough money in the bank to never have to wear a piece of clothing twice (we imagine), we didn’t realise how thrifty style icon Olivia Palermo is when it comes to making her wardrobe last.

The fashion blogger shared her top tips for how to deal with sartorial mishaps in an interview with Net-A-Porter’s The Edit – and they may surprise you!

“Take a razor blade to a sweater if it’s bobbling – it takes the balls off,” Olivia advised, before adding, “Double-sided tape is also one of my favorites – if you’re out and your hem rips then you can do a little fix to it.”

Lastly, the 28-year-old recommended, “Keep some long thread with you – it’s really good in case a necklace breaks. Oh, and if you want to roll your sleeves up and they won’t stay, push them up with very thin hair elastics.”

All those years as a fashion intern have clearly paid off!

Frugal Olivia also revealed she is looking forward to recycling her Carolina Herrera bridal outfit.

Copyright by Johannes Huebl
Olivia Palermo got married in Carolina Herrera – © by Johannes Huebl

“Carolina did a fabulous job and I loved the sweater with the feathers. They’re both wonderful pieces that I can wear again if I choose to. I love wearing clothes over and over again,” she said.

Mrs Huebl, we salute you!

Credit: Images via The Edit and Johannes Huebl

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