The New Khaite x Adidas Originals Sneaker Drop: Pricey But Lush

Khaite x Adidas Originals

Sound the online shopping alarm: the latest Khaite x Adidas Originals drop has landed and is flying off the shelves! Launched in 2016 by designer Catherine Holstein, the luxury New York label first shot into mainstream consciousness when Katie Holmes stepped out in the brand’s strangely appealing woollen bra. Layered underneath a chunky, unbuttoned cardigan, the combo promptly went viral – and has sparked a thousand imitations.

Those wanting to snap up some Khaite cashmere goodness as a result soon learned that this kind of comfort and luxury doesn’t come cheap, with the now famous Eda Bralet costing around €560.00, and cardigans clocking in at over €1,500. 

Whether you have that kind of budget for fluffy underwear is obviously down to the individual, and we certainly aren’t here to judge. Khaite’s high-waisted cashmere underpants do look divine in their structured simplicity, and we bet they are super-comfy, too. Alas, today we are here to talk about the label’s latest collaboration with Adidas Originals.

Khaite x Adidas Originals

Originally created for the AW19 catwalk, the first Khaite x Adidas Originals drop became a sell-out success. Now, the reimagined 1970s Country OG runner returns in three new colourways: camel, navy and black.

Like its predecessors, the sleek sneakers are made from soft nubuck leather and feature tonal details such as serrated stripes, and toe and heel overlays in a caramel shade. The famous trefoil logo appears in contrasting white on both the tongue and heel of the shoe.

There is no doubt that the Khaite x Adidas Originals trainers are a high quality, classic wardrobe staple for those with a flair for the minimal. However, the €258 price tag has raised eyebrows amidst sneaker fans. With the average Adidas Originals shoe running at around €100 per pair or less, the delectable Khaite design costs more than 2.5 times as much.

So to recap: the new Khaite x Adidas Originals sneakers are ready for pre-order, they are beautiful, but – as expected – expensive. Do, with that information, as thou wilt. As we said before, we are not here to judge – but certainly to admire!

Khaite x Adidas Originals
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