The Wolf of Wall Street chest-thump song has been made into a dance track

We thought Matthew McConaughey’s deliciously awkward chest-thumping ‘song’ in The Wolf of Wall Street was actually rather catchy even the first time we saw it.

And it seems we’re not the only fans of the iconic humming tune – because someone’s only gone and remixed the thing into a dance track!

VJ/remix artist Jonny Wilson, a.k.a. Eclectic Method, cleverly cut together Leonardio DiCaprio and McConaughey’s decadent lunch scene with Jordan Belfort’s motivational quotes and mixed it with a drumbeat and bassline.

The result? A hilarious throwback to cheesy 90s club anthems.

Meanwhile, the man himself, Matthew, told The Showbiz 411 he actually uses the chest-banging method to warm up before work.

He said: “It’s something I do from time to time to relax myself before a scene, or to get my voice lower, and I’ll do it to whatever the rhythm of the character is in the scene.

“I was doing it before takes, and Leonardo [DiCaprio] had the idea of ‘Why don’t you put that in the scene?’ so I did.”

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