Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul teaser trailer lands

It feels like ages since Breaking Bad disappeared from our TV screens in a haze of crystal methamphetamine fumes, so fans of the cult show will no doubt be thrilled that spinoff Better Call Saul has been given a release date.

A first trailer premiered in the US last weekend, showing shady lawyer Saul Goodman talking to a client in a short nine second teaser. Played by Bob Odenkirk, he muses, “Lawyers, we’re like health insurance. You hope you never need it, but man oh man, not having it? No.”

Eagle-eyed Breaking Bad fans have spotted that Goodman’s hair is looking somewhat fuller than during his tumultuous time as Walter White’s legal aide, sparking speculation that Better Call Saul is set years before he meets the errant high school teacher turned meth cook.

Sadly, we will have to wait until February 2015 to find out…

Source: The Telegraph

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