DIY Of The Day: Cute Cactus Cans

Cactus and succulent DIY plant pots
Prickly but pretty: We love this easy DIY!

House plants are awesome. Terrariums? Also awesome.

However, if you have been born with the infamous ‘black thumb’ of gardening, and maybe also a lack of patience that stops you from creating intricately manicured homes for your green friends, take note!

Our friends over at have posted the cutest, easiest cactus DIY imaginable, which we shall set about copying as soon as we can get our hands the materials.

Instead of buying ceramic flower pots, how about you dig out some cool cans to house your plants in? Both cacti and succulents will look great in the quirky little containers, and here is what you have to do!

You need:

Beer, soft drink or other cool beverage cans (the guys at Fashion Journal chose iced tea cans purchased from an Asian grocer)
Cacti or succulents
Stanley knife



1. Carefully cut open the top of the cans using the stanley knife and puncture a hole in the bottom for drainage.
2. Fill the cans with soil and gently plant the cacti. Once the plants are sitting in the desired position, secure with more soil that you carefully mould and softly press down around the roots.
3. Feed with water and plenty of love once a week. Done!
Credit: Image and idea via
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