Holly Fulton’s Christmas tips

Holly Fulton gift wrap
Because gorgeous gifts deserve a beautiful wrap…

Holly Fulton is famous for her bold prints, 3D motifs and graphic designs, so we imagine that Christmas will be a very colourful affair for the Scottish designer.

And the Edinburgh College of Art graduate is certainly embracing the season of goodwill, as she has designed a Christmas gift wrap for McArthur Glen designer outlets; the proceeds of which are going to be donated to the Red Cross to help vulnerable people in crisis across the UK.

Here, Holly reveals how she spends the holidays and what presents she will be giving to her nearest and dearest this year…

What does Christmas look like for you?

Christmas is a relaxed affair at our house; I return to Scotland and spend time with my family and pets, catch up with friends and enjoy too much champagne! I always get a real tree which I recycle afterwards and we dress it with homemade decorations on a different theme each year. I love making things for Christmas, it’s a real part of the experience for me.

What is your Christmas gifting essential?

My poor family and friends are subjected to endless gifts of our own design but hopefully it’s not too unbearable for them. I like getting small things for people as well to accompany their main presents; a mini luxury version of a stocking if you like. The main thrill of Christmas for me is selecting gifts; I love the feeling of euphoria when you see someone open the gift you have given them and you have got it just right.

What gifts will you be shopping for this Christmas?

I will be shopping for delectable candles and scents, plus gorgeous smelling indulgent beauty treats. I also love gifting books and special pieces found at antique markets, plus I might make some bits and pieces for friends too.

Do you have any wrapping tips?

I like to wrap on a theme and clash my ribbon. Last year I used my old print outs for collection prints to wrap and paired with yellow and lime green ribbon.

What are you asking Santa for this Christmas? 

I never really ask for specific things but always love things chosen from the heart; jewellery is a sure bet with me and books, you can never have too many and I usually get some tomes to provide inspiration. I’m far too old for it but I still get a stocking and it’s my favourite bit, the little things always excite the most!

You are known for your eye-catching, geometric prints and designs, where do you look for inspiration?

I look in a wide range of places; I’m a bit of a magpie and love referencing a wide range of sources including Pop art, Art Deco and the work of Eduardo Paolozzi. I like an eclectic style and a mix of colours, patterns and elements; that’s what keeps my mind moving and stimulates my creativity.

Why did you partner with McArthurGlen Designer Outlets for Christmas this year?

I love working across many disciplines and with different partners; having worked with McArthurGlen previously I was keen to keep our relationship going and as a brand, we are always delighted to support charitable causes where we can so the opportunity to work with the British Red Cross too made this a perfect project.

What was your inspiration behind the print?

We wanted to combine our signature graphics with the festive brief from McArthurGlen and create something strong, confident and eye catching for Christmas; we wanted it to sum up the excitement and jubilation of this time of year and make a real impact for the British Red Cross.

What does fundraising for the British Red Cross mean to you?

The British Red Cross is such a pertinent charity at this time, there is more demand in it than ever to help society and we felt it made sense to partner with a charity focused on people with an all-inclusive angle. Thy care for everyone in society and it is crucial to support that and remember others at a time of year that is so decadent in other ways, everyone can do their small bit to support and foster them.

Holly Fulton’s three limited edition Christmas gift wraps will be sold at McArthurGlen as well as online at www.mcarthurglen.co.uk/hollyfulton.

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