Crystal grid masterclasses on Ibiza: learn how to super-charge your manifestations

Crystal grid masterclasses and workshops on Ibiza

Ibiza is well-known for its powerful energies and attracts healers, creatives and spiritually-minded folks from all over the world, all lured by the small island’s inexplicable pull.

So where better to learn about working with nature’s inherent powers, and how you can integrate a little bit of magic into your own practices?

A collaboration between Tribe Magazine and Light Hands Ibiza, in the lead-up to key astrological dates crystal healer Sara Chatterton, and Tribe Magazine founder Olivia Ebeling, invite curious Ibiza residents and island visitors to learn how to set up and activate a crystal grid to boost their manifestation powers.

Sara Chatterton of Light Hands Ibiza
Tribe Magazine editor Olivia Ebeling

The crystal grid masterclasses take place in small groups and are hosted at carefully chosen venues that offer a calm, relaxed and welcoming environment to support the teachings.

The last crystal manifestation workshop took place in the magical garden of renowned Asian restaurant Nagai Ibiza in the north of the island, the perfect setting to enjoy a balmy summer night with the temptation to stay for a feast after the class!

The crystal grid masterclass begins with a brief meditation.
Black Tourmaline has grounding and protective energies.

To begin, Tribe editor Olivia – a longtime manifestation practitioner and moon enthusiast – explains how to work with the lunar cycles, the most powerful times to manifest, and how specific astrological events can affect us.

Those who want to go deeper into the subject can find out in which area of their life the next New Moon, when setting goals and intentions has added impact, will have the most influence according to their star sign.

Olivia explains how to work with the different moon phases and talks about the impact of astrological events on our lives.
Participants will learn how the next New Moon will affect them, and find the right stones to support their personal goals.

Next, Sara shares her knowledge about crystal grids and why they are a powerful tool you can utilise to infuse your wishes with beneficial energies. She helps each participant to choose the right stones for manifesting love, abundance, health, success, or whatever else they may want to call into their lives.

Following the principles of sacred geometry, Sara teaches the group how to set up their grid, and, finally, how to activate it.

Sara explains how to activate your crystal grid.
There is a wide variety of different crystals to choose from.

There is ample opportunity to ask any crystal or manifestation-related questions, pick the gems that call out to you from a wide selection of stones, and spend time reflecting on what you most want to bring into your life among likeminded people.

Books on manifestation, astrology calendars and crystal jewellery are also available to peruse.

The next New Moon Crystal Grid Masterclass is set to take place on April 7th 2024. Claim your spot here. We are looking forward to creating magic with you!

Photography by La Skimal for Tribe Magazine.

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