These Immersive NYC Pop-Ups Aim To Protect The Environment

It’s never been more important to educate ourselves about the critical state our environment is in and how we can make a difference in protecting endangered wildlife. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t do so in a way that is both educational and fun!

From the blue depths of our oceans to the deserted steppes of Africa, if you are visiting New York City this summer make sure you check out the two eco-conscious, experiential pop-up installations below.

Both Elepop and Ocean Cube are in NYC for a limited time only and aim to raise both awareness and funds to help secure a brighter future for some of the species and habitats that have suffered the most from humanity’s reckless use and abuse of Mother Nature.

Knowing exactly how to utilise Instagram culture for maximum impact, the artsy pop-ups have created fantastical and colourful displays that visitors can explore and will – undoubtedly – be eager to post on their social media platforms! But if nature’s plight isn’t information worth sharing, then we don’t know what is…

New York Pop-Ups


Runs Until: July 25th 2019
Where: 321 Canal Street, NY

The ELEPOP describes itself as the world’s first wildlife themed pop-up and is arranged across 12 exhibits and two digital interactive areas with a cutesy cartoon vibe. However, the message behind the pastel-coloured sweetness is far from fluffy.

Each year, over 20,000 African elephants are killed because of poaching – meaning that within as little as 10 years (!!!) these gentle giants could be extinct.

As official partners of World Animal Protection, ELEPOP invites families and friends to learn more about the realities of elephant conservation while contributing to elephant protection activities, with 10% of ticket sales being donated to this very important cause.


New York Pop-Ups

Ocean Cube

Runs Until: August 18th 2019
Where: 60 Grand Street, NY

With the dramatic state of our seas a hot topic, the Ocean Cube exhibit offers a visually striking alternate universe based around a futuristic, habitable underwater world.

Created by a host of talented artists, designers, educators, food vendors and non-profitable organisations, you can submerge yourself into this dreamy display and marvel at its poetic beauty.

Entirely bio-luminescent, navigate glittering coral reef tunnels, travel across the five different rooms via glowing whale and jellyfish portals or shop up a storm at the bubble mall.

Ocean Cube New York Pop-Up

Finally, a stark reminder about global ocean pollution encourages you to exchange your own nightmarish concerns for more hopeful thoughts in the Recycle Bank.

To create this stunning aquatic environment, designers Randy Fernando, Kun Wu and Carol Zhang collaborated with recycling organisation Sure We Can to obtain plastic bottles, with special efforts being made to avoid or salvage any waste generated during production.

Once the Ocean Cube pop-up finishes, the designers plan to donate or sell the mesmerising pieces – beautiful sustainability reminders that shine a light on one of the most urgent issues of our time.


New York Pop-Ups

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