Folklore comes to life at Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales

















A King filled with incestuous lust for his daughter, a witch who eats children cast out by their poverty-stricken parents and a greedy, superficial princess that makes false promises of love to get her own way… The classic folklore tales brought to us by the Brothers Grimm aren’t always so innocent on closer inspection.

















Now, these dark yet captivating stories are brought to life in an immersive theatre experience at London’s Oxo Tower Wharf. Stumble into an eerie but magical parallel universe that sees you encounter your favourite childhood characters as you wander through Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales, a raw, stripped-back production of classic fairytales including Hansel & Gretel and The Frog King.

















The iconic Southbank venue Bargehouse has been transformed into incredibly intricate stage sets that unveil the stories as visitors wander from floor to floor, discovering new surprises at every turn. Led by ushers and even the characters themselves, the audience roams through the historic building, which has been lovingly turned into a giant atmospheric storybook, with the talented cast making the stories practically leap off its pages.

















An interval allows for refreshments, including a Little Red Riding Hood inspired Pomegranate and Gin cocktail to ‘make Granny feel better’, and once the curtain has fallen visitors are allowed to explore the fantastic production freely and snap away to their hearts content. Did anybody say ‘selfie’?

















Treading a fine line between unveiling the dark side of these enchanting stories without being too gruesome, the show is suitable for adults and younger visitors alike. Do you dare to be bewitched?

















Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales for Young and Old has been extended to 11th April 2015. Tickets start at £20 for children under the age of 16 and £45 for adults. For more information visit

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