Tribe Escapes To Ibiza


Surprise! Tribe has left an admittedly not too rainy London behind and snuck off to the White Isle for a little pre-season visit.

My friend Liz and I set up camp in a gorgeous apartment in the hills overlooking Ses Salinas, the famous salt pans just a stone’s throw from the equally famous Salinas beach, which is one of my favourite areas of the island.



So currently Tribe HQ is located on a terrace that features some of the most breathtaking views one could hope for in Ibiza, occasionally ‘moving office’ to the local beach restaurants and, er, bars. Did anyone say sundowner?


I have also made the best new friend – a lovely little dog that lives in the same house and checks in on me several times a day. I have wanted a dog for years, so this is literally a dream come true!


The timing to visit Ibiza might seem a little off, but after returning from my sabbatical in Australia last year I couldn’t really justify a trip to one of the more expensive holiday destinations in the Mediterranean that same summer (it’s all the sushi and cocktails that trip me up). So, after a self-enforced break of almost two years, I just couldn’t wait any longer and decided to make the most of the off-season prices and just go this April.



The trip wasn’t meant to be a party holiday anyway, more of a ‘recharge and soak up some sun’ mini break. So far, Liz and I have lazed around in the sun, gone for some rather wholesome walks and put the world to rights over beachy lunches and sunset drinks.

Tribe_Ibiza2015_EsVedra Tribe_Ibiza2015_Liv_EsVedra

It’s been interesting to see what the island is like just before the season kicks off – which is literally next week – and experience the calm before the storm. For me, it’s also been yet another step towards what I refer to as the ultimate #lifegoal of splitting my time between London and Ibiza. I have contemplated moving out here for some time, but I wanted to make sure I feel just as much at home on the island when it’s quiet as I do in the height of summer.



I first came to Ibiza around ten years ago and instantly fell in love with this Balearic gem. I know, who doesn’t love Ibiza… Everybody loves Ibiza… What’s not to love about Ibiza? Right?

Like many people, I was struck by the island’s natural beauty and the contrast of laid-back hippy vibes mixing perfectly with the infamous high octane nightlife. I’m not even going to pretend that I’m above embracing the constant flow of cava and cocktails, raucous parties and incredible cuisine it has to offer.




I guess it’s just that with every visit, I grew more and more serious about moving out here one day. Again, I know how many people draw up drunken five-year plans to jack it all in and spend the rest of their lives drumming on Benirrás beach at sunset, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that I. really. mean. it.


Anyway… Liz left yesterday to go off on an adventure to Nicaragua – as you do – so I’m holding the fort here, starting to compile our Tribe Guide To Ibiza and hunting for some Balearic Street Style. Make sure you check back as I have already found some great stuff to share with you!

In the meantime, head to our Instagram account where we’ll be posting more snaps from the White Isle and lots of other pretty things…

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