Lisa Eldridge shows how to do Alexa Chung’s make-up… On Alexa Chung!

As far as beauty collaborations go, this one is hugely exciting!

Make-up tutorial goddess Lisa Eldridge has shared a new how-to video on how to create Alexa Chung’s iconic beauty look – starring the fashion icon herself!

The TV presenter/ Vogue contributor/ It girl is famous for her retro-inspired eyeliner and perfect skin, but happily admits in the clip she too has to battle with flaws from time to time.

She revealed, “I get a spot once a year and when it hits, it’s literally a monster. It’s distracting. I feel like I know what it’s like if I had a pair of boobs now because people can’t stop… their eye just keeps looking down at it.”

Of her signature make-up style, Alexa said, “I don’t really switch up my beauty look massively. I mean, if I’m on a photoshoot and we’re trying to play with the clothes then I might stray but generally speaking, I love to rip off Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy.

“I just thought that ’60s makeup is so flattering for a face… It’s kind of undone but it’s also really feminine so it doesn’t look like you’ve made a huge effort but equally it flatters the right part.”

We’ll better get practising that cat-flick eyeliner then…

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