Satori: “Music is the best medicine”

Satori DJ and producer

With the ability to calm our nerves, lift our mood or simply help us to shake off the stresses of everyday life on the dance floor, the healing effects music can have on mind, body and soul are undeniable.

And while therapeutic experiences such as sound baths, movement therapy and frequency music are fairly well known in this day and age, up until now the production of electronic music that is dedicated to improve our wellness was, arguably, a niche movement rather than commonplace practice.

However, with the launch of EXIT Festival’s new sub label EXIT R:Evolution, this could be about to change. Dedicated to “conscious, healing, meditative, high vibration and world music”, renowned Dutch artist Satori has become the first producer to release a track on the imprint.

A traditional Serbian song, together with the band NAKED and solo artist Tamara Kezz the renowned musician has given the centuries-old “Niška Banja” a modern twist.

With the discussion around mental health and self care in the electronic music industry having become a key topic in recent years, it certainly seems like perfect timing to bring music that benefits our wellbeing to a wider audience.

Here, Satori tells us about his belief in the healing power of music, celebrating his cultural roots and how he takes care of his own wellbeing…

Congratulations on the new release! What is your personal connection to “Niška Banja”?

Thanks! This track has been around me for my whole life…. My father is from Nis, where the actually Niška Banja is, so you can imagine the importance it has for him and my family. I’ve always wanted to honour him and the music, but never found the right way to approach this song. Finally, after hearing Naked’s interpretation, I knew how I could create a new version and still respect the original.

You are well-known for your eclectic ‘world music’ sound, what does it mean to you to introduce your audience to a Serbian song?

There is not just one place or region that inspires me, but I would say that most cultures are inspirational. I have music from Persia, South Africa, Brazil, Serbia and much more in my live set. And I continue to pursue inspiration around the world, however, having Serbian roots creates a soft spot for the classics for sure!

There has been more talk about wellness and mental health in the electronic music scene in recent years – do you think a record label that focusses on healing music has been long overdue?

I think it’s great that there is more attention on these topics and more conversations about it, especially when it comes to music, which is the best medicine for all.

What are your personal experiences with the healing and uplifting effects of music?

Music is my life, it’s my oxygen, my water, my food. Everyday I’m surrounded by music, so for me it’s the most important thing in the world. It goes without saying that it might not be that intense for everyone, but I can imagine it could be healing and comforting for anyone.

How important do you think are tools such as meditation, breath work, dancing, and experiencing the joy of music to support our overall wellbeing?
I can only speak for myself, but I tend to meditate daily, work out and take ice baths, and these routines work really well for me.

As we are based in Ibiza, would you be happy to share your favourite ways to relax and take care of your wellness on the island?

Nature is the way! I love to go hiking and ‘disconnect’ as much as possible, I try and do this once per week. But being from rainy Holland, just walking along a beach in the sun is heaven for me!

What are your plans for the upcoming summer, and can we share any Ibiza dates yet?

I have a couple of exciting dates coming up. Previously I’ve had full-on summers on the island playing every week, so for this season I’ve chosen to dial it back and offer three to four really special shows.

Niška Banja is out now and available here. For further information on Exit visit

Feature image by Bastiaan Woudt.

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