Tried & Tested: Nonique Vegan Skincare

Nonique Vegan Skincare
Is it worth going vegan with your skincare?

As a lifestyle journalist, I have been sent oodles of skincare products to review in my time but very few made such a noticeable difference – namely Murad and, actually, Superdrug’s B. beauty range –  that I would have bothered sticking to a particular brand.

And, as someone who who could never muster the willpower to follow a vegan diet, going plant-based with my skincare regime certainly didn’t cross my mind. So it’s kind of funny that I came across Nonique products by sheer and utter chance.

My best friend in Germany, a true legend also known as Sina, used to study nutrition and is therefore fairly particular about eating healthily. As a mum-of-two, she takes care of what her family eats and prefers to shop in a store that is dedicated entirely to organic products – pretty much the German equivalent of Whole Foods, but on a smaller scale.

Anyway, one day I tagged along on one of her shopping trips, which coincided with two things: firstly, having passed the 30-mark, I had become interested in anti-ageing skincare and, secondly, as a result of my former girl crush Miranda Kerr (sorry, babe, but those Justin Bieber reports changed everything), I was aware of the supposedly amazing properties of noni juice. So, browsing the shelves, Nonique skincare caught my eye.

Nonique anti-ageing skincare
Superfood goodness at reasonable prices = skincare perfection.

I had literally never heard of the brand before, but, on a mission to do something good for myself and my (yes, ageing) skin, I bought a night cream just to try. At roughly £6 for 50ml, it was hardly expensive and I liked that it included several super food ingredients like pomegranate, acai berry, aloe vera and, of course, noni fruit.

Well, it turned out to be a bit of a lucky find! From the first application, I loved it. The moisturiser smells delicious without being overly sweet or artificial and it sinks in very quickly, leaving no residue. As someone who tends to have oily skin, I have previously found other anti-ageing ranges too greasy and heavy for my liking, but the Nonique night cream disappears in seconds, leaving my skin feeling toned and moisturised.

The next morning, I found my face looked tighter and showed less redness. I was converted, but annoyingly too busy to go back to the shop and stock up. It was only on a recent visit to Germany that I made sure I swung by the store to clear the shelves of all things Nonique.

As well as the night cream, I have also tried the daytime moisturiser, which is equally awesome. According to the packaging, all products are free of parabens, silicons and artificial or synthetic fragrances. The range is not tested on animals and is a certified natural brand. It also doesn’t contain any paraffins or palm oil.

As you can see from the pictures above, I have also bought the face wash, which I haven’t tried yet but have every confidence is going to be great. And there are so many other products I would love to get my hands on, but finding a supplier has been a little tricky and also pricey – especially now that I live in Ibiza!

Beauty Center Europe stocks a generous amount of the products, as do Ecco Verde and Amazon, though make sure you check for delivery costs. That said, considering their relatively low prices compared to the quality of product you get, adding on a few GBP or Euros still won’t break the bank.

I say, this is one case where it’s definitely worth to go vegan!

Credit: All images are copyright of Olivia Ebeling for Tribe Magazine

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