Casa Tuya: A bespoke Ibiza retreat combining physical, emotional and spiritual wellness opens its doors

Casa Tuya Ibiza

Nothing is as personal and unique as our individual wellbeing journey. From the moment we are born, our genetic make-up, our upbringing and environment, the life experiences and traumas we face all determine how good we feel in, and about ourselves.

Therefore, applying a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to our physical and mental health will only take us so far. Of course, well-known basics such as quality rest and staying hydrated apply to all of us. But if we truly want to uncover our personal best, we have to dig deeper.

Casa Tuya, a new retreat experience opening its doors on Ibiza this month, is centred around creating an intricately tailored, holistic programme for each of its guests.

Tucked away in the forested hills that surround the charming village of Santa Gertrudis at the heart of the island, and with only six rooms available, it has been described as one of the most exclusive wellness retreats in Europe. In the tranquil setting of a traditional Spanish finca, Casa Tuya offers an intimate hideaway from which guests can reflect, reset and recharge.

Ibiza yoga and meditation retreat

The concept was developed by Christopher Katke, an artist and entrepreneur hailing from Southern California. With an impressive background that traverses the art, fashion, architecture, gastronomy, and hospitality industries, Katke has curated a team of therapists, nutritionists, healers and experts that will guide each guest on their journey.

After a thorough assessment of their current emotional, physical and spiritual state, a carefully crafted programme made up of of transformative healing experiences is created for each participant. Named “Remedy”, “Glow”, and “Rejuvenation”, each consists of a selection of therapies, treatments, educational classes, daily massages, yoga and meditation sessions, and is overseen by a dedicated personal Client Experience Organiser.

During their stay at Casa Tuya, guests can also enjoy alternative therapies and services such as acupuncture, reiki, private breathwork training, chakra balancing, cranio-sacral therapy, private guided meditation, energy medicine therapy, holistic therapy, kinesiology, metaphysical anatomy technique, intuitive life coaching therapy, subconscious mindset work, energy healing, reconnective healing, and sound baths.

All spa treatments are based around products developed by re:medy, a brand exclusive to Casa Tuya. 

Casa Tuya Ibiza Accommodation

The Ibiza retreat will also house an onsite herbal pharmacy, which will supply organic tonics, herbal formulas, nutritional supplements, and homeopathic remedies that optimise internal body function as set out in each guest’s bespoke health plan. 

Meanwhile, the full-board food menu has been designed to be nutritious, delicious and inspire mindful eating habits. The kitchen is headed up by New Zealander David Nicol, who will be blending homegrown organic vegetables and herbs from Casa Tuya’s own gardens with locally sourced KM0 produce where possible.

Dining spaces in the grounds include La Sala, a chef’s table for 14 offering à la carte menus during lunch, and optional tasting menus in the evenings – all served up with a panoramic view of the Santa Gertrudis mountains.

Furthermore, the La Piscina Café and Juice Bar awaits with an organic, vegetable-focused concept for breakfast and informal all-day snacking in the poolside cabina.

Casa Tuya catering by David Nicol

Outside of the blissful surroundings, Casa Tuya also offers bespoke excursions and outdoor activities designed to show off all the spectacular facets of Ibiza.

Ranging from hot air balloon rides to organic farming, guided boat trips to secluded coves and day trips to Formentera, hiking adventures for all levels and sunrise yoga at Es Vedrà, guests have the opportunity to experience the magic of the Balearic Islands in all its glory.

Engaging workshops focusing on mindful activities such as gardening, painting with local artists, nutrition or making your own potions and tonics, guests can design a well-balanced and inspiring programme that is as active or relaxing as they desire.

Stays at Casa Tuya start from a minimum of three nights, but island residents or those who would like to get a taste of the experience on their holidays can choose the Day Pass option. 

Centred around nervous system regulation, stress alleviation, relaxation and personal reconnection, the Day Pass includes group yoga, breathwork sessions, meditation, Casa Tuya therapies or healing treatments, and a gourmet lunch or dinner accompanied by juices, water, tonics, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Simply put, a stay at Casa Tuya is designed to be as extraordinary and unique as you are.

Casa Tuya is open from September 28th 2023 onwards. For further information and to book visit

Casa Tuya retreat in Ibiza
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