Good Vibes Only: Light Hands Ibiza Reiki and Crystal Healing

Reiki Healing

I’m playing a game of padel with my friends and, inexplicably, I am killing it on the court.

We are utterly baffled. Despite being a relative novice to the sport, my form has somehow improved by tenfold overnight.

As I fire my shots across the net with a previously unknown precision, we are laughing it off as a particularly good day – but it’s truly uncanny. I am not usually that good… so what is different on this sweltering August afternoon? 

Call it magic or positive thinking, but that very morning I received my first ever Reiki healing from Sara Chatterton, a Reiki master, teacher and crystal healer also known as Light Hands Ibiza. From across the island, she connected to my energy field and sent me some good vibes while I was slumbering peacefully.

Sounds too good to be true? I understand that this kind of statement might be met with some scepticism from the uninitiated, but I honestly couldn’t give you any other explanation for my sudden rise up the padel ranks!

Reiki Healing
Crystal healing

Reiki is a Japanese alternative therapy that works with the energy fields surrounding our bodies.  During an in-person treatment, the practitioner will gently move their hands over your body (without actually touching you) to redirect the life force that runs through all of us, remove blockages and encourage healing. But it is also possible to ‘send’ a Reiki healing to someone – wherever they are in the world – as long as they are willing to receive it.

By balancing the energies running through our bodies, the technique is said to help improve our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state. It has been credited with promoting relaxation, relieving tension and anxiety, stimulating the immune system and increasing our self-healing powers – to name just a few benefits. 

And while Reiki should not be used instead of consulting a medical doctor or psychiatrist, you will find it applied in hospitals and hospices all over the world to complement other forms of treatment.

Light Hands Ibiza Reiki and Crystal Healing

Sara explains, “It’s a very subtle way of healing. It’s a natural and gradual process, like when we have a cut and slowly, the skin heals itself. 

“Every illness in our body has been created by tension that we are holding onto, for example when we are worried about something. If we hold our fears and negative emotions in our bodies, it creates tension – and Reiki runs through our bodies and rebalances us.

“Because it goes through the nervous system, it can be very beneficial for stress; it’s really good for balancing. Everything is energy, so Reiki can be used to heal any living being from animals to plants. And if you become initiated, you can even use the techniques on yourself.”

Sara Chatterton a.k.a. Light Hands Ibiza

Sara’s own journey towards becoming a Reiki healer began in 2016 when, together with a friend, they booked themselves onto a Reiki course in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

At the time, she was working as a top level hairdresser in London, and had never even heard of the practice before. But, despite not yet fully understanding the call of her intuition, she decided to train for Reiki Level 1 and 2 at the Orion Healing Centre. 

“And that’s when my life changed,” she reflects.

“You go through a 21-day clearing process when you first get initiated into the craft of Reiki to clear out everything that no longer serves you. I remember waking up almost every night with nightmares, all my fears were coming out in my dreams. I went through my first awakening,” she says.

Having struggled with anxiety for most of her life, after completing the course Sara was able to perform Reiki on herself as well as family and friends. She found the effects remarkable.

“The difference is huge. It’s like doing a healing meditation, and I feel great afterwards.”

Two years later, after moving to Ibiza, Sara finally became a Reiki Master. It was also here that she began to work with crystals, combining the power of the stones with Reiki energy. 

She laughs, “I have always been drawn to crystals. I can’t even remember when it started, but I always used to have selenite on my windowsill at my house in London. There is a crystal shop in Covent Garden that I used to pop in whenever I was in the area, and I would always leave with something. So many of my friends remind me that even years ago, I would give them crystals for presents.”

Crystal Healing
Crystals Ibiza

Some of Sara’s clients, friends and family have seen some incredible results – even after just one session with Light Hands Ibiza.

One came to her with terrible anxiety about a court case that had been dragging on for years. Despite being sceptical, the day after his first Reiki healing with Sara he messaged her to say that he had a surreal experience when two orange butterflies started to circle him while he was having lunch.

“I looked up the meaning and, funnily enough, they were related to the solar plexus, which regulates the adrenal glands,“ she explains.

But a bigger surprise was just around the corner. The following day, her client called again to say that the court case that had been worrying him for eight years had been completely dropped. Sara says, “Even I couldn’t quite believe it, it’s just crazy.” 

Coincidence? Perhaps. But the timing certainly seems divinely guided.

Light Hands Ibiza

“Once we balance our energies and we learn to trust that we can let go, we are less likely to get sick and everything that is meant for us will come. Nothing is going to change by worrying, it’s only going to cause a problem in our body and attract more negative thoughts,” Sara explains. 

As Light Hands Ibiza, she is offering a variety of different Reiki and crystal healing options that range from in-person sessions performed in nature or within your own home, to monthly packages that include four weekly remote Reiki ‘sends’. 

After my initial Reiki treatment from afar, Sara kindly visited me at home a few weeks later to give me the in-person experience – complete with healing crystals. 

Like all natural substances, the semi-precious stones vibrate at their own frequency at 32,768Hz. And while there is not enough scientific evidence to officially ‘prove’ their healing powers, alternative therapists, the spiritually minded and crystal lovers from all over the world firmly believe in their powers. 

Placebo effect or not, as a crystal fiend myself I have physically felt their energy on more than one occasion.

There was one memorable time when I almost toppled over after touching a piece of Shungite, a mineral said to be excellent for protecting against electromagnetic frequency and detoxifying mind, body, and spirit. Given the time I spend working online and surrounded by phones and laptops, the surge that went through my body was a shock – but not much of a surprise. 

During my crystal Reiki healing, when Sara puts a particularly powerful green stone on my forehead, it happens again.

My skin begins to tingle so much, I almost ask her to take it off. However, after a few minutes the sensation wears off and the rest of the experience is heavenly calming and blissful. 

Every now and again, I feel random twitches in different parts of my body – a hand, a leg – as Sara rebalances my energy field.

With my eyes closed, I see different colour patterns float through the dark. It is incredibly relaxing and after my session I feel peaceful and serene – pure bliss for someone who is usually a bundle of nervous energy! 

Aside from the treatments Sara offers, she has also become known for her beautiful – and ever-growing – collection of crystals.

Via her website, social media profiles and also in person at some of Ibiza’s famous markets, she sells everything from small tumble stones to elegant jewellery with the stones entwined in gold, silver or copper settings.

The crystals are all ethically sourced from Peru and India, and Sara personally cleanses them in the Balearic Sea before she sends them to their new homes.

Sara Chatterton Light Hands Ibiza

For those who work with the lunar cycle and use it for manifestation, Sara also sells a variety of different crystal collections to use for crystal grids.

A constellation of stones believed to help amplify the power of our intentions and manifestations, crystal grids are best set up on a New Moon.

Sara explains, “Write down only one thing you want to bring in, for example a new home. Describe exactly how you want it to be and then set a crystal grid using stones that reflect the energy you want to attract for your living environment – for example peace and harmony – and build the grid on top of the paper.”

There are also ‘body layouts’ for relaxing, energising, and balancing, and crystal kits to balance all chakras. 

Anyone who has met Sara in person – including myself, of course – will be able to vouch that she is one of the most generous, kind and nurturing people you could be blessed enough to know.

So it is not surprising that her life journey has led her to help others. 

She says of her mission for Light Hands Ibiza, “I want to heal the world. I know that sounds quite crazy, but what I mean is that if I teach people how to practise Reiki and then they start to send healings, it will have a ripple effect across the globe. And I believe that energy healing is a thousand times more powerful than other forms of medicine.”

For more information and to get in touch with Sara, to book a healing experience or to purchase crystals visit or follow her at @lighthandsibiza.

Sara Chatterton Light Hands Ibiza
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