No More Hangovers! Five Reasons To Quit Alcohol For ‘Dry January’

Dry January

A blinding headache. The room is spinning. Just the thought of something fried makes you want to run to the bathroom. If you woke up on January 1st with the hangover from hell, chances are you might be swearing off the booze in your delicate state. But do you have the willpower to go alcohol-free for a whole month and take part in ‘Dry January’?

With many of us making New Year’s resolutions to be healthier, the first four weeks after the festive season is the perfect time to give your body a break. Now a well-known New Year’s phenomenon, ‘Dry January’ is a fundraising initiative by Alcohol Change UK. The charity is dedicated to tackling the harm caused by alcohol to individuals, families and society, and provides all the resources and moral support you need for a month off the booze. ‘Dry January’ started with 4,000 participants in 2013, but numbers have risen dramatically every year with 4,000,000 million people joining the alcohol-free challenge in 2018.

Will you put down the glass for ‘Dry January’ and go alcohol-free for 31 days at the start of the new decade? Last year, Tribe’s editor Liv attempted to give up wine, cocktails and any other alcoholic beverages for 31 days (and managed 12). But even if you don’t last a whole month, here are five reasons why cutting down on alcohol will do you some good…

Because Your Body Deserves A Detox

If your December looked anything like ours, you were probably dashing from one Christmas party to the next before eating and drinking yourself into a coma over the holidays. Your liver has been working overtime, so why not give your body a well-deserved break with a ‘Dry January’?

Because You’ll Lose Weight

Alcoholic drinks are full of sugar and they often lead to questionable food choices when you’re hungover the next day. And how many times have you skipped the gym because you were too tired to exercise after a night out? Exactly… With getting fit and losing weight two of the most popular resolutions every year, it’s time to put the bottle away and watch the pounds fall off.

Because You’ll Save Money

This one’s pretty obvious: Just think of all the money you safe by going alcohol-free! If we assume that you spend £15 on drinks on a moderately boozy night out, twice a week, that’s already £120 in the bank after one month of abstinence. And – let’s face it – for many of us it’s going to add up to even more! Join ‘Dry January’ 2020 and save the equivalent of a mini break!

Because You’ll Sleep Better

Not only does drinking often interfere with reasonable bed times, the sleep you do get is also a lot less restful as alcohol interrupts your normal sleep cycle. Ditch the booze and you might find out you’re a ‘morning person’ after all! You’ll also likely have more energy and will be able to concentrate better, so…

Because You’ll Look Healthier

Alcohol and its high sugar content, as well as its dehydrating effect, can wreak havoc on your complexion. Think dry patches, breakouts and – shock, horror – wrinkles. Plus, fitful sleeping patterns will slow down the cell renewal process of your skin and can leave you with dark circles under your eyes. Not a good look.

Find out more about ‘Dry January’ or sign up at

Credit: Feature image by Jesse Chamberlin.

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