New Moon Magic: How To Set Up A Crystal Grid To Support Your Intentions

Marking the beginning of a new lunar cycle, the New Moon is the perfect time to check in with yourself and set new intentions and goals for the next month. 

With the sun and moon in alignment during this moon phase, the New Moon stage is when the silver planet appears at its least visible. As it begins to wax towards fullness, this starting point of a new cycle is considered a particularly nourishing time to commit to fresh goals.

There are many different rituals and practices to celebrate a New Moon, and those who believe in the healing and supportive powers of crystals like to use them to super-boost their intentions with a crystal grid.

A crystal grid is an arrangement of different stones set up according to Sacred Geometry patterns, using the crystals that most support what you want to bring into your life. So, for example, if you want to call in love, rose quartz would be an obvious choice. 

Known as an amplifier of energies, clear quartz is a popular addition to any grid.

Rose Quartz Crystals

We spoke to Crystal Healer and Reiki Master Sara Chatterton, also known as Light Hands Ibiza, who explained the process in a few simple steps. (You can read our full interview with Sara here.)

“Crystal grids support what you want to call into your life. Love, abundance, money …  there is a combination for your every desire. 

“You can start with as little as four crystal points for balance, plus the stones you need to put in between. Six points add stability, and it’s important that you have an even number of crystals that mirror the pattern.

“Rather than writing a long list of intentions, I think it’s more powerful to just focus on one goal every month. So every New Moon, you write down only one thing you want to bring in, for example a new home. 

“Write down exactly how you want it to be and then set a crystal grid. For example, with a new home, you could use crystals that enhance peace and harmony. 

“You set the crystal grid up on the top of your paper, and then let it rest there.”

Crystal Grid

Ready to try it? Here are a few more tips to help you!

  • Astrology lovers can find out more about what themes are specific to each New Moon depending on which of the 12 star signs it falls in by watching Wonder Girl Astrology’s monthly New Moon updates.
  • To get clear on what you want to call in, there are many New Moon meditations available on meditation app Insight Timer. Check out the wonderful Katie Valentine, who is a manifestation master and mindset coach, and offers a selection of guided meditations and sound healings.
  • Before you start to set your crystal grid, cleanse your space with a smudge stick or incense  – we love the aromatic creations of Ibiza-based artisan Island Witch Crafts

Still feeling a little bit unsure? Keep an eye on our social media channels for our in-person Crystal Grid Masterclasses in Ibiza, hosted by crystal healer Sara Chatterton and Tribe Magazine editor Liv.

You will learn about manifesting with the moon phases, picking the right stones for your personal goals, how to set your grid and how to activate it.

Happy manifesting!

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