Surviving The Winter Cold With DERMASEL

I may have mentioned once or twice before that I hate being cold. As in, literally HATE. Which is why, upon arrival in wintery London at the beginning of December, I pretty much immediately escaped to a spa hotel well known for its hydrotherapy facilities (read: hot pools and add saunas and steam rooms)- and which is why I’m struggling epically now during my extended stay in Germany.

Germany in December and January can get, as you can imagine, quite chilly. We have seen temperatures of up to (or should I say down to) -18 degrees Celsius in previous years, and while it is not that cold right now the only way I seem to be able to survive in these climes is by wandering around in a sleeping bag style puffer coat and by submerging myself in steaming hot bubble baths as much as I can.

One discovery that has made my bath time even more enjoyable than it already is to feel a little bit of heat again after weeks in freezing conditions is DERMASEL, a German brand of bath salts, foam baths and cosmetics that uses nourishing minerals from the Dead Sea as key ingredients. I randomly noticed their children’s bubble bath range (they do pink and green varieties that smell of strawberries and gooseberries respectively) in the apothecary, and, after picking up a couple of those for my friend’s kids’ Christmas presents, thought I’d try the grown-up line myself.

Part of the ‘Hallo…’ range, I tried the ‘Hallo Liebe’ [‘Hello Love’] variety first, a milky bubble bath that mixes the aforementioned salts with fragrant extracts from white roses, all completely natural. What I loved about this foam bath was that it generated a lot of bubbles, so much so you can easily get away with just half a packet, and that the fragrance is distinctive but not overly sweet or overpowering – in my experience that can be an issue with anything rose-scented. The foam stays ‘up’ for ages – why does everything in this post sound so dodgy 🤣 – while the water turns a nice milky colour, making you feel like you are in luxurious spa.

I enjoyed my first DERMASEL experience so much, I have since also tried their ‘Hallo Glueck’ [‘Hello Luck’] and ‘Hallo Auszeit’ [‘Hello Time Out’] baths. Those three were the only options I have found at the local pharmacy, but on the DERMASEL website I have discovered so many other amazing sounding varieties, including the ‘Schlaf Gut’ [‘Sleep Tight’] relaxation bath and an Aloe Vera oil bath, I reckon I may just about survive winter in Germany after all…

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