So… Was Dry January Worth It? The Skin Benefits Of Giving Up Alcohol

After a short attempt at Dry January in 2016, when we threw in the towel after 11 days because a) we found it a bit of a killjoy of an experience and b) we were going on a blind date, we haven’t bothered with this popular form of self punishment again. However, we know many of our friends and extended Tribe family with greater willpower than us have once again stayed abstinent of all things alcoholic last month.

And now that we are finally in February, may we ask… Was it worth it for you? As well as the obvious benefits of being hangover free and saving money, theoretically there are also a myriad of health benefits attached to giving up drinking that, according to facialist Joanne Evans of, should leave you glowing. Because abstaining from vino & co means:

Less Toxins For The Liver 

It’s not about detox but more about simply trying to give your body fewer toxins to deal with. The liver and kidneys can work over time trying to eliminate toxins from the body that can convert into fat cells or slow/stop elimination of fat!

Less Inflammation 

Your face stops looking puffy due to lymphatic system overload! Reducing sugar – the evil of all – also helps here! This is a negative calorie so just burns cells up and causes inflammation of the whole system and is a free radical.

Less Sugar Cravings 

Reducing sugar which alcohol is full of helps recharge and support the immune system.  Booze also makes us have cravings for sugar and greasy food, which can sabotage any health regime!

Improved Circulation 

Eyes look brighter, you sleep better and circulation improves to the skin, so stops dullness and also helps improve healing and reduces breakouts.

Reduced Rosacea

Ladies who suffer from rosacea and reduce or stop drinking wine will see a great improvement, because not only does its sugar content activate the condition, but so do the sulfites.

Admittedly we noticed some of these effects during our brief flirtation with #DryJan. So, those of you who have lasted the whole month, can you tell a difference? Please let us know!

Credit: Featured Image By Eric Maillet

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