A hilariously frank wedding invite goes viral

Wedding invite
What does your wedding invite say about you?

Weddings… Some leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart while others are a political minefield to navigate.

Whether it’s the dreaded thought of bumping into your ex or you simple don’t approve of the marital union you are invited to witness, we all know what we are supposed to do in such a case is to grin, bear it and forever hold our peace. Until now, that is!

Bucking the trend, an unnamed couple has sent out a brilliantly frank RSVP card to wedding guests that not only helps to confirm numbers, but also highlights any potential underlying tensions via an extensive checklist. One of the recipients posted this unique take on wedding etiquette on Reddit, promptly sending it viral.

From the hassle of rearranging their schedule to be able to attend or planning to propose themselves on their friends’ big day, friends and family were encouraged to sound off on the hilarious questionnaire. But read for yourselves…

Wedding RSVP
Can they handle the truth? This honest RSVP checklist has gone viral…

Can you see the ‘honest RSVP’ becoming a thing?

Credit: Main image by Anne Robert Photography

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