Ibiza Art Retreat: Where Nature Sparks Creative Impulse And Nourishes The Soul

The Ibiza Art Retreat with Justin Findley

Mother Nature and her multitude of striking sights, colours and beauty have been a source of endless inspiration for artists since the beginning of human existence. 

In fact, our intrinsic connection to the natural world has been scientifically proven to benefit our mental and physical wellbeing, and has been credited with combating stress and anxiety, increasing focus, and boosting happiness.

Harnessing the soothing powers and creative impulses sparked by immersing ourselves in flora and fauna, the Ibiza Art Retreat promotes working ‘with and from nature’ as a nurturing and healing experience during a five-day stay in the verdant hills of the island’s north.

Founder and host, the illustrator Justin Hindley, explains, “I believe that there is a direct link between human creativity and the natural world, and that all people – irrespective of artistic ability – can enter into this realm and benefit from it. The key is getting into the right state of mind and heart, and to receive support and encouragement.”

The beautiful Can Magdale will be home to the guests of the Ibiza Art Retreat.
There are plenty of beautiful corners to relax, reflect and recharge.

Offering two retreats in 2024 – at the end of April and again in September – participants will be able to experience the magic of Ibiza’s breathtaking natural beauty while staying in the enchanting Can Magdale villa, situated between the quaint village of Sant Miguel and the charming vineyards of San Matteo.

There are eight spaces available, and Ibiza Art Retreat guests will be guided through a series of structured tasks in an ‘experimental and playful’ manner. Led by Justin, who won a distinction for his MA at The Royal College of Art and has extensive experience in teaching at all levels, their stay will culminate in a final project that aims to utilise all impressions, materials and inspirations encountered in a single piece of work.

Throughout their stay, guests will be nourished on a physical level, too, while enjoying full-board catering by Argentinian chef, Gaby Abdala. Combining an eclectic mix of culinary influences that traverse Gaby’s Arabian roots, her upbringing in South America and time spent as a an art, fashion and design student in London, your palate will be just as stimulated as your painter’s palette.

Talking about his own connection to nature, which inspired the retreat, Justin says, “I was born at home, and even at this early stage the nurse noticed that I was fascinated by the butterflies and flowers depicted on our wallpaper. I found it interesting when more people started to pay attention to nature  in recent times, when I have always had this intense connection.

“To me, it’s clear that Mother Earth will prevail but sadly, I think it’s less likely that us humans will be there to witness her triumph. But it’s a step in the right direction that more and more people are learning about and growing closer to nature.”

Ibiza Art Retreat
Guests will be working with a variety of different techniques in an experimental and fun manner.

Having offered an oasis for artists, musicians and free spirits for many decades, where better to immerse yourself in nature and experience the romance of the Balearic Islands than the White Isle?

“Ibiza is fascinating on many levels, but I think, in simple terms, there is a spark in the air where you have to rise to its challenge – for me, that is to embrace my creativity in as pure a way as possible,” Justin says.

“There is an unquestionable vibe here that energises and inspires – and, of course, the light that reaches deep inside you and seems to illuminate the darkest recesses. Here in Ibiza, you feel you CAN!”

Justin’s connection to the island and love of nature have further led him to a creative collaboration with poet and author Elisabet Fábregas. Together, they have published an illustrated story set on Ibiza and written in the local Ibicenco dialect as well as in Catalan.

Titled The Black Mare And The Well Of Auberqueta (L’uega Negra I El Pou De N’Aubarqueta), it contains two nature fables set in the north of the island expressed through a form of poetic prose where rhythm and metre are integral to the meaning of the story.

Justin Hindley Artist and Illustrator
Justin, who won a distinction for his MA at The Royal College of Art has extensive experience in teaching at all levels.
Illustration by Justin Hindley
One of Justin’s illustrations for the story The Black Mare And The Well Of Auberqueta (L’uega Negra I El Pou De N’Aubarqueta), which he collaborated on with author and poet Elisabet Fábregas.

After the sell-out success of the first edition, a second book called The Girl Who Fished With Olives (La Nena Que Pescava Amb Olives) is in the works. Set in Formentera, its young heroine uses her deep connection with the animals that live on the island to achieve a personal goal and, simultaneously, help her ageing grandad.

Due to the popularity of the beautifully illustrated stories, Justin and Elisabet are planning to have both translated into English and German very soon.

Justin explains, “The books-  like the art retreat –  promote immersion into nature as a nurturing and healing experience, a belief shared by myself and the author, Elisabet. We both have an appreciation for the wild side of the islands, and wanted to express the feeling of what you might call a ‘hypnotic contemplation’ that can be experienced in nature, through poetry and illustrations.”

The Ibiza Art Retreat will take place from April 25th – 29th and September 19th to 23rd. For further information and to book, please email Justin at woodjays@gmail.com. Connect with Justin on Instagram at @hindleyjustin.

Elisabet and Justin’s second book is called The Girl Who Fished With Olives and is set in Formentera.
Both will be translated into German and English soon.
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