Tried & Tested: Starskin The Master Cleanser Detoxing Sheet Mask


Ever wished there was a real life ‘filter’ to get rid of unsightly redness, spots or wrinkles? I have more than once wistfully thought how handy it would be to give my skin that smooth, bright appearance Instastories’ technical trickery has gifted us. But guess what? There is. Step forward, Starskin The Master Cleanser Detoxing Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask.

Santa was very good to me one Christmas and put this miracle beauty worker under my tree to help me erase a multitude of holiday season sins. I had heard good things, but never tried any Starskin products before. So on January 1st – keen to do something for my poor, hungover self – I decided to relax in a hot bath with a sheet mask to soothe my sore head.

‘Maki’ Yourself Beautiful…

Be warned, the Starskin Master Cleanser Mask doesn’t look pretty. When I pulled the wet, green and rather ‘fragrant’ sheet mask out of the packaging, I had to giggle at the thought of turning myself into a ‘maki monster’. The scent and texture reminded me of a juicy sea kelp salad! But the cooling effect was heaven as I lolled around in the warm water.

Starskin Sheet Mask

Containing hand-harvested sea kelp extract, The Master Cleanser sheet mask is infused with organic serum to hydrate and rejuvenate as well as detoxify and nourish the skin. Following the instructions, I left the mask on for 15 minutes but didn’t immediately wash off the oils after removing the sheets. Instead, I let the remnants of the serum sit on my skin for another few minutes before washing them off with a small amount of Starskin’s The Master Detoxing Sea Kelp Leaf Cleansing Foam.

Miracle Results That Last Up To 72 Hours

The results were pretty spectacular. Any redness and dry patches that left me looking less than peachy before had disappeared. Instead, I was left with a brighter, even complexion that looked silky smooth. My whole face appeared tighter, which, over the age of 35, is a major win. Especially on January 1st.

Retailing from £12.60, the Starskin Master Cleanser Detoxing Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask is very much at the top end of comparable products, but this sheet mask is definitely one miracle buy I will keep in mind for special occasions. You can order Starskin sheet masks from a selection of online retailers including Look Fantastic and Selfridges.

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